Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. We provide the best value for our clients. We make sure that our services count and we do the very best job that anyone can do for you. In life, your true value can be easily calculated as the difference in what you give and what you expect in return.


We learned about honesty and integrity – that the truth matters… That you don’t take shortcuts, you don’t play by your own set of rules and you don’t extinguish someone else’s flame to make yours shine brighter. Success doesn’t count unless you earn it fair and square.


Our clients have one of the highest satisfaction rates in the industry. Our rental properties have the highest occupancy rates by an order of magnitude. Our landlords make more net income than any other landlord in the markets we operate in. Our competitors constantly try to drag us down and extinguish our flame because they cannot compete.


Your FL Vacation Rental was launched in 2012 when the founders realized that the vacation rental industry was primarily made up of long term property management companies turned vacation rental managers.

“The vacation rental industry is not classified under real estate, it’s a travel & hospitality industry where our competition is hotels. Fortunately for us, we already had an advantage as our forté has always been in marketing, travel and client hospitality.

We researched for 3-6 months what was wrong with the competition and how we could make it better – we wanted to create the experience, cleanliness, convenience and guest service of a 5* hotel for vacation rentals. It was imperative for us to implement strategic alliances that now allow us to have double the occupancy of our competitors, triple the number of repeat guests and more 5* reviews from guests than any other company in Florida.

Jeff and I have lived in London, Dubai, Washington DC, New York and Miami so we’re used people around us being cash rich & time poor. These are the guests and owners we understand and know how to relate to. Our guests want an easy & automated experience from booking to contract e-signing, from automated payments to secure guest specific door codes on electronic locks but if the guest/client needs us, we’re there 24/7/365 – by phone, live chat or even text. It’s important for our guests to know that check-ins at 4am are just as easy as 4pm.

What’s more, we proved that by taking our profits and investing as a business in technology, we could give our owners excellent service and an industry leading ROI on their investment, for a fraction of the vacation rental industry standard 35-40% booking commission.”

The majority of our guests would recommend us to friends and family and we’re grateful for the other 2% as they keep us on our toes…“

– Alistair & Jeff