Information for Owners

The door code to access to your rental home has changed to: 872105*.

TO OWNERS - we wish we could say that it has unanimously been a pleasure, but it has not. Some of you have been amazing to work with however the majority of you played a majority part in VIR’s downfall. Ripping locks off your property and telling guests that they would be trespassing if they came to the house that they had booked and entered a binding contract with you to rent is despicable. We wish we could say let your own consciences be your guide, but that’s how we got to this position.

So, we’ll say this: THE GUESTS HAVE A BINDING AGREEMENT WITH YOU TO RENT YOUR HOME. If you try and stop them, they will contact the sheriff’s office, press charges against you and search for all legal options available to them. YOU will be found in breach of contract – the contract is between them and you. If you re-rent your home to someone else for the same period you have a signed and binding agreement, you are breaking the law and you will be prosecuted. As a courtesy to the innocent guests, we have provided them with all of the information they need to secure a conviction against you if you choose to continue to be morally corrupt.

You had a great thing with VIR and we made you a fortune. You repay that with thefts of VIR equipment, blackmail, company trade secrets, company communication and database information. You are greedy, selfish and ill-informed. Clauses 2 and 3 of your management agreements with us allows us to charge fees for OUR services to guests – credit card processing fees, damage deposits, housekeeping fees etc. You don’t provide, and have never provided, the services those fees are billed for. No matter what, or who, you choose to listen to you ARE NOT and HAVE NEVER BEEN entitled to those fees as per your contract with us. As per your contract, any fees and commissions for procuring guests are due on the date of booking – not on the date of move in.

Your continued bashing of our company on social media is the single reason we had to file dissolution paperwork. So you have no right whatsoever to complain. You brought this squarely on yourselves and now you have to deal with the guests that are contracted to rent your home. So don’t try and swing some story about how you were not paid. You ONLY get paid ONCE THE GUEST HAS LEFT THE HOUSE – industry standard and in your contract from Day 1. Telling guests that you haven’t been paid for their stay that occurs in 3 months’ time and that’s why you’re not letting them into your house is a flat out lie and you know it.

"Usually when a jury is being assembled, they're just looking for sheep that are easily influenced and impressed"

You've been influenced and impressed by Patty Stiffler, Steve Stiffler, Brian Westfall, Jennifer Odell, Mary DiPietro, Stacey LoGrippo, Russ Procassini, Brian Feldman and all the other liars, cheats, crooks and thieves that stole $250,000 from us.

We hope that nobody ever treats you the same way that you treated us.

So that we can get on with our lives, WE forgive YOU...