On October 30th, 2018, Value Integrity Results, LLC DBA Your FL Vacation Rental / VIR Vacation Rentals has unfortunately filed dissolution paperwork, as required under Florida Statute §608.441. Please read all the information displayed on this page to see why the LLC was no longer financially viable.

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The description of occurrence that resulted in the LLC’s dissolution, as per requirements under Florida Statute §608.441 as follows:

VIR was started by Alistair Barrett-Powell (as the sole LLC member) back in 2014 - originally as Villages Vacation Rentals until The Villages had a problem with using the name and made the company change the name. Willy Sybert, a Realtor working for Barrett-Powell, suggested teaming up with a startup company, Home Watch of The Villages (HWOTV) - owned by Steven and Patricia Stiffler. HWOTV could not afford office space, and Barrett-Powell offered Steven and Patricia space within the VIR offices. In exchange, Steven was to complete maintenance tasks on the properties VIR had under management and Patricia was to clean the homes ready for the next guests.

VIR grew from 1 vacation home to 89 vacation homes under management in less than 18 months with Barrett-Powell as the CEO. As the company grew, Steven and Patricia Stiffler changed the name of their ancillary services (maintenance, cleaning etc) business to VIR Home Watch on June 8th, 2015.

Now known, but not known at the time of Steven Stiffler’s involvement, Steven is a twice bankrupt and Patricia has defrauded multiple husbands out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. They have had foreclosures, liens for bad checks and a plethora of other undesirable activities. Steven and Patricia saw VIR as a cash cow and Barrett-Powell as an opportunity to once again live the life they dreamed of, yet could not afford.


Steven and Patricia decided they were going to take VIR for themselves and take all of the income generated from the hard work Barrett-Powell had input to build VIR to the formidable force it was. The Stiffler’s planning started as early February 2016, with the recruitment of VIR employees to siphon off information, new clients, new bookings and credit card information to the brand new business that Stiffler’s were setting up behind the scenes. They signed a lease mid-April on new office space in Lady Lake and in the week before May 2nd, 2016, Steven changed all bank account deposits to go to his new business account, instructed the payroll company to pay himself, and Patricia, a huge last salary and over the weekend of April 30th/May 1st he posted on Facebook that he was “relaxing at the beach” when in fact he was emptying out the offices, moving company assets to his new business location having covering up the front facing ARLO cameras at the offices so that nobody could see him and turning the interior cameras to face blank walls.

On May 2nd, 2016 at 5:30pm, Steven was caught covering up the final camera which alerted Barrett-Powell and the loyal employees to Stiffler’s actions. Loyal employees rushed to the office to find that the locks to VIR had been changed (we now know they were changed by Derek Kuhn of DNA Locksmiths in Lady Lake and his wife Amanda Johnson (being investigated for food stamp fraud)) knowing full well that they were restricting the sole LLC member’s access to his own offices. Kuhn and Johnson advised Barrett-Powell that they could not help as they were in Jacksonville - later turned out to be a lie and they were 5 minutes around the corner. Barrett-Powell called a different locksmith and gained access to the office to find all checks, debit cards, cash, credit cards, safe and keys to owner’s properties were gone. Stiffler’s had taken them all. Stiffler’s had unplugged all the Apple iMacs ready to easily snatch and grab in the middle of the night. Barrett-Powell notified Stiffler’s that they were fired from the company with immediate effect that evening.


On May 3rd, 2016 at 8:45am, Steven and Patricia Stiffler walked into Wells Fargo bank on Burnsed Blvd in The Villages, found a new trainee banker that did not know them or Barrett-Powell, filed paperwork showing that Barrett-Powell was no longer the CEO of VIR and that Patricia Stiffler was the new CEO. The paperwork removed Barrett-Powell from all the business accounts. Stiffler’s then proceeded to completely empty all the business accounts leaving a $0 balance. The bank manager called Barrett-Powell a couple of hours later and requested that Barrett-Powell come into the branch immediately to reverse the signatory actions that Stiffler’s had illegally taken. Unfortunately as Stiffler did not withdraw the funds as a cashiers check, there was nothing Wells Fargo could do about cancelling that check. The funds had gone and Barrett-Powell would have to sue Stiffler’s for the money back. Bank fraud is a felony and the Criminal Investigations Division has it included in their large investigation into Steven and Patricia Stiffler.


Over the coming weeks, the full actions that Steven and Patricia Stiffler had completed and had planned came to light. Just some of the actions Stiffler’s had taken are here:

  • Stiffler’s had purchased two $80,000 BMW X5s using VIR client escrow funds and put them in THEIR company name
  • Stiffler’s had purchased a Triple Crown 5ft x 10ft trailer for $1,100 using VIR client escrow funds and put the title in THEIR company name
  • Stiffler’s had purchased a Chevrolet City Sprinter Van for around $15,000 using VIR client escrow funds and put the title in THEIR company name
  • Stiffler’s had withdrawn thousands and thousands of dollars of cash from VIR accounts
  • Stiffler’s had tried to wipe the VIR servers clean of all paperwork, contracts and traces of their activities - luckily they were completely backed up and VIR was able to restore all the data.
  • Over the weekend April 30th and May 1st, 2016, Steven Stiffler wrote tens of checks from the VIR accounts to VIR clients and mailed them, knowing that they would receive them after he went to the bank and knew that all those checks would bounce. Writing a check knowing the account has insufficient funds is a felony. Stiffler then contacted all of the people who he had written checks to on the VIR account and told them to contact the Lake County Sheriff and press criminal charges against Barrett-Powell for fraudulent checks. This was the first glimpse of, not just how evil Stiffler’s were, but how calculated and practiced they were.

The total amounts stolen by Stiffler from VIR are in excess of $250,000.

VIR was in turmoil, but Barrett-Powell managed to bring VIR back.

In the initial month following Stiffler’s actions, VIR lost 20 of the 89 properties under management. They all went to Stiffler’s new business - White Pelican Home Services - which was a name change from VIR Home Watch. Same entity, just a name change.

VIR and Barrett-Powell filed a lawsuit against Stiffler’s on 6/9/2016 - Case #: 35-2016-CA-001047-AXXX-XX in Lake County, FL.

It became clear what Stiffler’s tactics were. Some of the things Stiffler’s said, posted online and splashed all over social media about VIR and Barrett-Powell

  • Barrett-Powell is wanted by the Police, FBI and Interpol. (June 2016) - completely FALSE
  • Barrett-Powell is a career criminal and needs to be locked up. (August 2016) - completely FALSE
  • Barrett-Powell has stolen hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars from unsuspecting victims overseas. (August 2016) - completely FALSE
  • Barrett-Powell’s British passport has been taken away from him and he can never travel to the UK again. (December 2016) - completely FALSE
  • Barrett-Powell is a wanted fugitive in the United Kingdom. (February 2017) - completely FALSE
  • Barrett-Powell has run away to the US Virgin Islands with hundreds of thousands of dollars to escape justice. (May 2018) - completely FALSE
  • VIR has closed - (multiple times in 2016, 2017 and 2018) completely FALSE
  • Barrett-Powell’s marriage is a sham and he isn’t really married - (April 2018) - completely FALSE
  • “USCIS is deporting Barrett-Powell next week” (August 2016) - completely FALSE

It was initially a mystery to Barrett-Powell why Stiffler’s would say all of these complete lies about him and the company. Add to this that the Stiffler’s were sending this information to all of VIR’s clients picking them off one by one. VIR was losing, on average, a landlord a week and they were taking their home from VIR and listing it with White Pelican Home Services.

Then it became CRYSTAL clear. The Stiffler’s know what they did was criminal and will eventually end them up in an orange jump suit, but their goal was to take as many properties from VIR as possible so that VIR and Barrett-Powell go bankrupt. Why? Because then VIR and Barrett-Powell will not have the funds to continue with the lawsuit against them.

This became apparent after Stiffler’s have dodged every single request for information filed in the lawsuit. They first dodged it by filing a restraining order against Barrett-Powell to try and make it look like Barrett-Powell was stalking them. The judge heard the restraining order and threw it out of court. It was during this court appearance that Stiffler’s, under oath, admitted to closing down VIR and admitted to using employees to change locks.

The Stiffler’s knew that they needed recruits to spread the hate and lies so they recruited 3-4 ex-VIR clients, now White Pelican clients, to do their dirty work for them. EXCEPT they didn’t tell those people that they were lies, they sold it to them as the truth with falsified documents, web articles that Stiffler’s themselves had written and anything that they needed to spin a web of deceit to their new hate recruits.

It wasn't bad enough that Patty Stiffler is a pathological liar, but she now needed others to get caught in her web an spread those lies.

An example of how much of a pathological liar Patty Stiffler is was in a letter received in February 2017 after Patty Stiffler received her 1099 tax form from the company.

Take a look through the picture gallery below and read the letter she had the audacity to write to the company to avoid IRS taxes! Certifiable pathological liar...

THE INFAMOUS LETTER - NEVER worked for VIR..... Where does this lunatic get off?!?

The hate recruits got to work telling as many people as they could about how bad VIR was and what Barrett-Powell had done, him being wanted by the Police, FBI and Interpol - Barrett-Powell’s drivers license has his home address on it - if that were true, they’d find him in 15 minutes…

The Stiffler’s next plan of attack was to themselves, and with the help of the recruits, file multiple false complaints against VIR and Barrett-Powell with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation., The Attorney General’s Office and Seniors vs Crime in The Villages. 15-20 complaints a day were filed under false names with almost identical fraudulent accusations and false information in each. Barrett-Powell was spending 6-8 hours a day, 7 days a week responding to these frivolous and fraudulent complaints and completely unable to concentrate on the business. The business was suffering. The only way to make them stop was to surrender his real estate license. No real estate license, no complaints to deal with. It was a very very tough decision, but it was the only decision that Barrett-Powell had been left with so he could concentrate on trying to rebuild VIR. Barrett-Powell was a licensed real estate Broker since 2010. 7 years of hard-work and education down the drain. Barrett-Powell VOLUNTARILY surrendered his real estate license.  Stiffler’s used this and twisted it to say that Barrett-Powell had his real estate license revoked and taken away from him. That is not true.

A year later, all the regulatory bodies determined that none of the complaints had any merit, they were all false, there was no probable cause and dismissed them all with no action. Barrett-Powell was put through hell for the enjoyment of the sociopathic Stiffler’s and their gang of recruits.

The Stiffler’s new company White Pelican has a real estate section to it - that they operated WITHOUT a real estate license for almost a year. Neither Steven or Patricia are allowed to have a real estate license because of their past and to this day they do not have one. They have simply brought in a “rent-a-broker” so they can make money from selling homes.


The Stiffler’s eventually got hold of Todd Ulrich of Channel 9 News in Orlando and spun him the same disgusting story, except this time they had hate recruits alongside them to make it look much more credible. VIR and Barrett-Powell provided Ulrich with multiple pieces of documentary evidence that the claims by Stiffler and the recruits were completely false. That wasn’t of interest to Ulrich as he had been called 15-20 times a day PER PERSON that the Stiffler’s had got involved in their cult and he needed to do a story to shut them all up. Barrett-Powell even told Ulrich that if ANY of the allegations are true that he’ll come down to the news station in person and write the accuser a check on Live TV.

The following people appeared on, and were mentioned on, the Channel 9 news article that Todd Ulrich wrote about VIR. Their claims and eventual outcomes are also listed:

Edward Zawatski and Linda Paul of 3475 Rabbit Run Path, The Villages - Claimed that VIR owed them tens of thousands of dollars - outcome was that THEY owed VIR $4,900 and VIR settled for $2,500 from Zawatski and Paul - Barrett-Powell did NOT force Zawatski and Paul to write their check to VIR on live TV. They had to pay the amount owed to VIR in stages as they were broke from their house sitting empty for 12 months after they moved management companies over to Steve Stiffler - White Pelican Home Services

Jodie and Chuck Novak of 3481 Rabbit Run Path, The Villages - Claimed that VIR owed them tens of thousands of dollars - outcome was that THEY owed VIR $6,714 and VIR settled for $2,000 from Novak - Barrett-Powell did NOT force Novak to write their check to VIR on live TV. Novak's are now facing foreclosure from their home sitting empty most of the year because it's listed with White Pelican Home Services.

Linda Bogard (aka Linda Carroll - her TV stage name) of 1404 Panama Place, The Villages - Claimed that VIR owed her tens of thousands of dollars - VIR had only been renting her house for 3 weeks - yes 3 weeks - so at $3,000/mo it’s physically not possible to owe that much money. Outcome is that VIR went after her for the $2,605 that she owed VIR - the debt collection company was told that she knew the debt was due but could not afford it at this time.

Here are a few other settlement agreements (some we cannot show as the owner wanted it confidential to avoid embarrassment for lying) entered into with people claiming that VIR owed them TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars. All LIARS. All of these people were motivated to spew defamation and slander by the sociopathic actions and pathological lies of Steven and Patty Stiffler, Stacey Logrippo and Mary DiPietro.

As the number of properties diminished through Stiffler’s actions, VIR was unable to secure new landlords to replace those lost due to the social media “splash” created by Steven and Patricia Stiffler and their group of recruits (Mary DiPietro, Stacey LoGrippo, Linda Paul, Ed Zawatski, Donna Mullenax, Jodie and Chuck Novak, Richard and Susan Gapen, Pamela Hurd, Lori DeLuco and Wendy Sudberg).

That wasn’t working fast enough just going after the landlords that VIR had, so Stiffler’s then decided to go after the guests. Multiple hacking attempts have been recorded from Steven Stiffler and Derek Kuhn trying to access the VIR systems to steal client information. Brian Westfall (ex-employee) and his girlfriend Jennifer Odell (ex-employee) took printouts of VIR’s client list in the days before they were fired and handed the list over to Steven and Patricia Stiffler. In addition, The Villages ID Department gave all of the guest information (address, name , email and telephone) out to ex-landlords of VIR who passed that information onto Stiffler’s to continue their rein of destruction.


All this to try their hardest to stop the lawsuit against them getting to a conclusion.

Barrett-Powell opted to close his 401(k) and his spouse’s 401(k) and put all the proceeds into the business to keep the business running. The Barrett-Powell family have put every dime in their savings into keeping VIR going.

Barrett-Powell worked with Captain Erik Luce and Detective Jenn Hutchins from the Fruitland Park Police Department to uncover the criminal activities that Stiffler’s did. They did an amazing job and deduced that Stiffler’s had committed the following criminal activities:

  • Grand Theft 812.014(2)(c)(3) for BMW $10,000 deposit
  • Unauthorized Use of Credit Card 817.61
  • Grand Theft 812.014(2)(c)(3) for the Chevrolet Van
  • Grand Theft 812.014(2)(c)(2) for unauthorized personal use of business credit card
  • Those are just to name a few and the list goes on……
Steven and Patty Stiffler Criminal Activities

Detective Hutchins contacted the State Attorney (Brad King) who would prosecute the Stiffler’s and cart them off to jail in an orange jumpsuit. The State Attorney point blank refused to do anything at all until the civil case has been decided.

No lawsuit anymore, no decision in the lawsuit, no criminal prosecution against them by the State Attorney.

It is clear that Steven and Patricia Stiffler are career criminals and had the knowhow to try and pin all their illegal activities on someone else. They knew from Day 1 that the only way for them to survive was to take VIR and Barrett-Powell down through whatever means they could. The only means they had was to lie, fabricate the information above, recruit others to help by spinning their untruths and by taking every bit of business they could from VIR by whatever means they had to.

Starting in July 2018, two of the recruits (Mary DiPietro and Stacey LoGrippo), decided to embark on a public campaign to appeal to everyone who had ever paid any money at all to VIR to contact their credit card company and chargeback that payment claiming “goods and services not as described”. Chargebacks mean that a consumer is immediately credited back the funds and those funds are immediately taken from VIR. The majority of those funds had already been paid out to vendors and owners. Both the Vendors and Owners refused to credit back those funds to VIR. Fraudulent chargebacks are illegal and soliciting fraudulent chargebacks is a felony. We are passing all of the information and evidence of Stacey LoGrippo and Mary DiPietro’s actions onto the relevant criminal investigations divisions and we intend to prosecute.

In October 2018, VIR had only 3 properties left from the original 89. They have all gone to White Pelican Home Services or to RE/MAX (RE/MAX recommended by Brian Westfall who was an employee of VIR until he was fired for removing 2 VIR Yamaha Golf Carts from VIR’s premises. Westfall now works for RE/MAX as their maintenance manager. To date, VIR has NOT managed to recover those 2 golf carts. The last that Lake County Criminal Investigations Division knew was that their serial numbers had been filed off, they had been painted and re-sold).

To the “recruits” and The Villages social media peanut gallery - we forgive you. You were sold lies by Stiffler’s and many of you now realize that - unfortunately now is too late. You spread hate and rumors faster than anywhere else in the world. You should all be deeply ashamed of yourselves. You’ve all destroyed the lives of good, innocent people. You’ve financially affected your own neighbors and ruined the vacations of hundreds of travelers from across the world.

To The Stiffler’s - The man who fears losing has already lost. Your day will come.